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About Jason

About Jason Shon Bennett

Jason Shon Bennett is a self-cured health researcher, inspirational speaker, author and creator of Regular Intelligent Fasting®, who inspires and educates people all over the world. Read about his credibility or his personal statement here.

Jason’s health transformation story took New Zealand by storm, with the best-selling 2014 bible on fasting Eat Less, Live Long, followed by My 20 Golden Rules in 2015, which was Whitcoulls #1 NZ Authored Book & #1 NZ Health Book in the Top 100 2015/2016. His third book Feel Great & Live Longer was published in 2018.

Watch Jason’s Video “Botox, Hair Dye & What’s with the ‘Shon'”

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Jason’s Sad Sick Story

Jason was born sickly and premature to a mother suffering toxaemia. Throughout his first 25 years he suffered asthma, constipation, bad skin, allergies, hay fever and fatigue, alongside regular colds, flu, bugs and sickness that would have him in bed for weeks/months every year. He was on Ventolin daily (up to 16 shots), regular steroid injections and Intal preventers. After being told many times he was “incurable”, and having his first child in 1989, sick of being sick (long before the internet, social media and globalisation), he began extensive research into the world’s healthiest diets, the medicinal properties of foods, and the practice of regular intelligent fasting. Applying these learnings in his own life, Jason transformed his health and has not been ill nor taken asthma medication for over 30 years. Read his full story here.

Jason’s difference makes him unique

Jason is one of a new breed of experts in food and how it affects lifestyle diseases such as cancers, heart disease, asthma, allergies, arthritis, osteoporosis, digestive disorders such as IBS, diverticulitis, constipation, cognitive decline, and more. He regularly trains naturopaths, pharmacists, herbalists, nutritionists, dieticians and doctors in this regard. Jason achieved overnight fame when he appeared on the NZ #1 ‘The Leighton Smith Show’ in 2014, turning his designated time-spot of several minutes into a 90 minute interview with the switchboards jammed. He has since appeared on Breakfast TV in NZ and the #1 rated ‘9am’ Morning TV Show in Australia, among many other shows such as National Radio, and has thousands of people following his health advice internationally.

What are Jason’s health credentials?

“Firstly, I am not a trained doctor, nutritionist or naturopath. I have no degree or doctorate of any kind. I just hated being sick badly enough to do something radical about it. My expertise comes from walking the talk in the real world – not in theory. My knowledge comes from over 30 years’ of health education and research; over 30 years’ raising four healthy kids and one darling granddaughter; 20 years’ travelling internationally and teaching; appearing via requests on TV, radio and in magazines; 20 years’ presenting seminars about food, nutrition and health; and 25 years compiling all of this passion and study into this website, my books and research papers. Through this journey I have become a health researcher, coach, speaker and best-selling author”. Jason’s health credentials here.

Jason teaches Healthy Longevity

He has over 30 years’ experience educating and inspiring on the miraculous life-changing importance of diet, lifestyle and environmental choices to international audiences across Australasia, Canada, Asia, U.S.A, U.K and Europe.

Jason’s Research

“In my research I have read hundreds of papers, studies and clinical research ranging from the 1800s to the present day. These are peer-reviewed, credible and objective, and come from reputable journals and other scientific publications”. Read the full article here

Jason's Books

 "Jason’s work is informative and inspirational. Following his advice will change your life."

Book Jason to Speak

'Jason was simply the most popular speaker we have ever had' Shelley, Major NZ Telco, September 2021.

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