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Jason's Health Quiz

Jason Introduces his Health Quiz

Disclaimer: please read this before taking the quiz

Remember that this questionnaire is just my opinion. It is not definitive. I am not a doctor nor a trained health professional in any recognized capacity. This questionnaire is loosely designed to give you a reality check on your diet and lifestyle habits. It does not include a full physical or a thorough blood test (both of which I recommend). It does not take into account your family history, genetics and the diet and lifestyle you have followed for the last 20 years – all of which are important.

This quiz is not designed to stress you out, merely to have you consider what parts of your daily routines and habits can be improved. There are always things we can improve on and learn. If you end up with a score of 20 yet you feel fine and want to keep doing what you are currently doing, then disregard this information and carry on! There is no ‘one way’ for everyone. Enjoy the quiz, do it in a light hearted way, take from it what is helpful to you and throw the rest away ok?

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