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Personal Statement

Jason’s Personal Statement

“I am a best-selling author, health researcher, inspirational speaker and health coach. I cured all my ‘incurable’ diseases over 25 years ago by changing my diet, lifestyle and environment. I have been researching health since the 1980’s and I have not been sick since. I am qualified by experience. After years of requests, I started writing, sharing and speaking about my learnings and experience. This led to my books, seminars and online programs. My work seemed to completely transform people’s health, so I have now dedicated my life to teaching people how to live a long healthy life – free from drugs and disease. I have helped people of all cultures with almost all health conditions – many highly trained health professionals who are busy, stressed, overweight, obese, with high blood pressure, constipation, cholesterol problems, heart problems, and energy problems and skin problems, and who are often sick with colds and bugs. They ask me to help to support them in getting well through common sense diet and lifestyle changes. Read about my health philosophy here. Read a selection of testimonials from the tens of thousands of people I have helped back to exceptional health here.

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I just want you to be well.

I am simply a human being with a passion for health who may have something worthwhile and meaningful to share. I am not university trained but I seem to have a way of deeply reaching people and inspiring them to change their behaviours for the better. I love researching, writing and speaking on health, I seem to have some skill in the area, and I love doing this more than anything else. On this site you will find my articles, blogs, videos, recipes and podcasts on exceptional health. This is my life’s work. I will be continuously writing and releasing new research papers, updated health information (articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and recipes), and of course, my take and recommendation on it all. My goal is that this website becomes your trusted, credible and independent place to go for real and genuine ‘healthy longevity’ education and non-biased health research.

My Purpose

‘Inspiring Healthy Longevity’

My Mission

‘To educate, motivate and inspire change that will transform the health, vitality and longevity of people all over the world’

My Vision

‘A healthy world, where living to 100+ years old in great health and vitality, without drugs or medical intervention, is seen as normal and expected’

I am a permanent student of health

I have looked at the science and the scientific research on people and how they live all over the world. This is how I came to my conclusions and healed myself. This is the basis of my knowledge. I continue to study, learn, research, analyse and make conclusions every day. This is my life. As Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said “He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of man?”. I am qualified by experience.

A Basic Overview of What I Recommend

As food is so emotional these days (sigh), I would like to state my basic food philosophy right up front. This way you can choose to look through the site or not depending on what you are looking for and what you are interested in. I recommend a healthy, balanced, local, seasonal, plant-based wholefood diet, with Regular Intelligent Fasting® alongside smart lifestyle choices,   This sounds like a mouthful (ha!) but in actual fact it is the simplest way to eat and the way we have eaten since time began. A diet rich in locally-grown vegetables (particularly green vegetables); fresh raw seasonal fruits; soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds; and a delicious variety of cooked and fermented wholegrains, vegetable seeds (quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and millet), and legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans, dahls and the magical soybeans). I recommend regular days completely without food (as is appropriate). I recommend smart lifestyle and environmental changes. I have been primarily eating and living this way for most of the last 30 years (apart from when I got lazy — and I suffered for it).

My philosophy is historical, inclusive and ever evolving

My advice is for everyone and anyone who is interested in exceptional health. There is no specific religious or spiritual base to my advice. You can participate if you eat meat, eat dairy products, are a vegetarian or a raw vegan, are an athlete, are of any race or creed, are overweight, are unwell, are a herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, have food allergies, or if you just want to learn more about food. Different foods work for different people so it is about significantly increasing your local vegetation intake and working with basic principles until you get the mix that is perfect for you.

People are different

Some people need more protein, some need more fat and some cannot eat tomatoes (for example). This is part of the human race and the genetic challenge we all have in finding the perfect diet/lifestyle for ourselves and our children. My advice is designed to welcome you from wherever you are now and expose you to a more plant-based, wholefood lifestyle, and all the benefits that come with it. If you want to eat a high amount of animal protein, meat, chicken and dairy products, with low levels of wholegrains and legumes (such as the typical ‘Paleo/Atkins/Keto/Low Carb Diet’), then you may struggle with my advice. A ‘high-meat-low-wholegrains’ type diet is not particularly compatible or easy with my plant-based wholefoods philosophy so if the ‘high animal protein/high fat diet’ is your interest then I welcome working with you and it could be I encourage you to find someone credible who is teaching this.

Should you eat animal foods?

This is completely your own choice. I do not recommend it (you can read all about why all over this site). However everyone is unique and everyone must choose exactly what they want to eat! If you are passionate and determined about eating animal foods and you want to remain healthy, your smart choice would be only adding a couple of meals a week with freshly caught oily fish and/or genuine, free-range eggs laid by ‘chickens living a healthy mobile life, under natural sunlight, eating grasses and bugs.’ Phew. Remember; the longest-lived cultures of the world, with the lowest rates of disease (Okinawa in Japan, Loma Linda in the USA, Abkhasia in Russia, Longevity Village Bapan in China, Costa Rica in North America, Sardinia in Italy, the Hunza in Pakistan, Ikaria in Greece, Nagano in Japan and Vilcabamba in South America), generally eat meat less than once a week (if at all). They are NOT radicals, raw vegans, low carb, high meat, high fat, Paleo, Keto, carnivore cave-people; they simply mostly eat a local, seasonal, plant-based wholefood diet. This is what I recommend also. Some of them eat small amounts of animal foods such as fish, eggs and/or goat’s milk, or meat for a special occasion, and some do not. We are very lucky. We don’t have a scarcity of food, we are in the incredible privileged position of being able to choose what we eat. Never take this for granted.

It’s your call so make it!

Remember, food is one of the great freedoms and most emotional subjects there is; it’s your call to eat what you choose. If you feel strongly you must do something different than what I recommend, then listen to what you feel in your gut is right for you, and do that. Keep up your passion and researching, and feel free to eat whatever you like!

Good things take time

The human body can only change so much in a day. Changing your behaviour is something that requires mental energy, willpower, attitude, and open mind, a ‘learning’ headspace and a willingness to change things even if it is uncomfortable or challenging. My recommendation is to introduce simple things each week that make a massive difference to your health. Focus very heavily initially on preparation because it takes time and work to change our diet, lifestyle and environment. It is not instant. I am interested in you living a long healthy life free of drugs and disease. Consider and understand the ‘why’, and implement small changes to your diet, your goals, your environment and your lifestyle; beginning with preparation.

No costs

I am blessed to be in the privileged position of being able to give this work and research away for free. This means all the information, education, blogs, articles, podcasts and recipes on this website are all free. If you get value from any of my work, please tell your friends and family about it and share it widely. If you would like to work with me personally or have me speak at your workplace or community then just contact me here

Thank you

As I said in my third book ‘Feel Great & Live Longer’, it is such an honour to be able to have people read and love your work. To contribute and improve other people’s lives, as I once improved mine, is the highest calling for me. There is not a week that goes by without someone saying to me ‘Jason, I read your book(s) and I loved it! I have followed your advice, I’m changing my lifestyle and habits, feeling younger and more energised, and people are asking me what I’ve done to look and feel so good!’

So I dedicate this site to you.

You who are willing to do the hard yards and make the changes to get a healthier, happier body and mind.

You are the champions and my inspiration every day.

Thank you for being open to change.

If you follow the simple advice on this site, like I have, you will see miracles.

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