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Premium Personal Health Consultation with Jason & Tracey is a social enterprise that exists to educate, inspire and support change that will transform the health, vitality and longevity of people all over the world. The purpose of the one-on-one health coaching offer is to work closely with an individual (or family) in need of inspiration, support and guidance around specific health issues. The outcome will be to have a genuine, life-changing lasting impact on their health & wellbeing. This education only makes a difference to those that are committed and seriously motivated to make authentic changes to their diet, lifestyle, environment and behaviours. This offering is primarily centred on specific and personal ‘healthy longevity’ coaching with Jason Shon Bennett alongside the specific and personalised meal plans and recipes from Plant-Based Chef Tracey Bennett. This offering is only available to one or two individuals at a time. We only work with one client at a time as this offering is very personal and time-heavy. It requires a great deal of thought, research and working out of the personalised plans, advice, meals and recipes by Tracey and I. There is sometimes a waiting list of a few weeks. We certainly get results. Here is a selection of our testimonials from clients over the years.

PLEASE NOTE: This coaching is NOT a replacement for medical advice or treatment, nor do we make any claims made regarding curing or treating disease. Jason is not medically trained, nor a doctor, nutritionist or naturopath following a particular modality or doctrine. This coaching works alongside, and in conjunction with, your chosen practitioner(s) advice. It is very personal and is solely about helping to transform and build a stronger immune and digestive system, and a healthier body and mind, through common sense proven diet and lifestyle advice. It is built on Jason’s 30 years of working with thousands of people.

Jason Shon Bennett is:

  • A health coach and best-selling author
  • A health researcher with encyclopaedic health knowledge
  • Self-cured, who walks the talk and has lived this way for over 30 years
  • Passionate about common sense health and lifestyle advice
  • Vastly experienced with hundreds of patients suffering a variety of health complaints
  • Successfully worked with many different races, cultures and conditions
  • Focuses on lessons from the longest-lived centenarian cultures
  • Direct, honest and straight talking; compassionate, understanding and caring
  • Does not follow a modality; focuses on what will work the best for every individual
  • Has dedicated his life to teach ‘how to live a long healthy life, free of drugs & disease’
  • A father of four adults and a grandfather to four little cuties

Tracey Bennett is:

  • A plant-based wholefood chef of 25 years
  • A retreat leader and facilitator
  • Has created over 300+ plant-based recipes
  • Delivered all the unique recipes on the online programmes
  • A mother of four adults and a grandmother to THOSE four little cuties

Working with Jason & Tracey will cover:

  • A 2-3 hour face-to-face consultation with Jason and Tracey (at their home), to determine your personal history, dietary preferences, state of health, medications, while understanding your current medical advice or therapies, and your health goals.
  • A follow up detailed personalised plan around diet, lifestyle and environmental changes from Jason. Jason’s advice is always about longevity and genuine change – not the current trends.
  • A follow up detailed personalised meal plan packed with Tracey’s long honed and perfected recipes. Tracey’s recipes are delicious, classic, family favourites that can be served at dinner parties and special occasions.
  • We remain available for health advice and tweaks to your plan long after the initial session. We find that clients become friends and we are regularly sending out information and advice over time to those we have worked with. This is done on a unique, intuitive, case-by-case basis. We are happy to offer this ongoing support as we can and are able.
  • If you are outside of Auckland and would prefer to engage in person rather than Zoom or Skype, this can be accommodated.

Pricing and availability on request at or please use the contact form below.

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