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What is it like to be on retreat with Jason and Tracey?

As a part of being on retreat with us, you receive all of Jason’s presentation slides and all the recipes to Tracey’s delicious meals that you enjoy on retreat.


Michelle – 2022

Bridget – 2022

Jackie – 2022

‘In the four months since the JSB Fasting Retreat I have fasted 36 hours every week and have lost all the inflammation and stiffness in my body that happened prior. I have stuck to an alkaline diet, I haven’t drunk coffee, life is on the up and I have certainly broken the cravings. I feel so much better’.
Jules, June 2020.

‘Since attending your fasting retreat I have been eating super clean. I feel healthier. I am off insulin. Half number of metformin and my sugar control has improved. My nurse was so impressed she has joined Jason’s website…’
Debbie, April 2020.

‘I’m a lot calmer and more focused than I was before the retreat. It really has changed so many things for me, when I map out our daily and weekly schedule now, I make sure I slot in time for meditation and work out when I will fast in advance. It’s all been very easy and achievable. I’ve even realised I don’t hate cooking! I’ve had an attitude adjustment and I’m enjoying kitchen time more these days so thank you so much’.
Megan, March 2020.

‘I have managed to do a one day fast for the past 3 weeks. The first one was quite straight forward. Managed it easily. I fasted yesterday and today I am feeling great! I have really cleaned my diet up and have also not had any coffee or alcohol since before the retreat weekend. I have made the sorghum salad and vitality salad. They were both a real hit at a BBQ I took them to. My family also really enjoyed the chickpea and potato curry recipe from the retreat too. I’m looking forward to getting the other recipes from the retreat. I am still enjoying the really positive vibe from the Retreat!’
Jo, March 2020.

‘I am at work eating Vitality salad with baked Tofu. So yum. Have bought a juicer and have juice every day. Done one day fast mid-week. Have made every meal we ate at your retreat camp at home. So yum. Meditating again. Exercising. Taking care to sleep enough. So grateful for the reset, for the reminder about why I’m vegetarian thanks Jason. Grateful for fab new recipes. Grateful for feeling better – many many thanks’.
Carole, March 2020.

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful DELICIOUS recipes I’m so excited and those salad dressings are AMAZING! I have enjoyed the most incredible Fasting Retreat weekend ever! From meeting awesome people to drinking green juices and broth on our Fasting day – Wow! Just never expected such fun and all the things we did to fill our day was absolutely fantastic thank you Tracey and Jason for being the most genuinely gracious compassionate enthusiastic couple and I can’t wait for the next Fasting Retreat! Thanks so much for everything’.
Ariana, Feb 2020.

‘Just wanted to thank you for a most informative weekend, both yourself and Jason were extremely gracious hosts and full of amazing ideas. I now have the information and knowledge I need to begin my journey to good health and longevity. I am also armed now with all the tools, juicer, rice cooker and sprouting jars. I am looking forward to my next fast and please keep me posted on further retreats’.
Iain, Feb 2020.

‘I feel appreciation, rested, inspired, back on track, connected, motivated, empowered, at peace with freedom around food and fasting. It was inspirational, peaceful, calming, really fabulous, authentic, brave and courageous. It was about community, knowledge, connection, pulling it all together with clarity, a joy of commitment and everything is now awesome!’
The Fasting Retreat Attendees, Feb 2020.

photo of three orange fruits
photo of three orange fruits
photo of three orange fruits


What is Our Coronavirus and COVID Vaccination Policy?

We are pro-choice and embracing of everyone – without judgement, discrimination or exclusion. We are open to all. After working with thousands of people over decades, our deep unchanged personal policy is to inspire and empower anyone who in interested in healthy longevity. Hippocrates, said ‘First, do no harm’. Therefore; our values and our status as health professionals hold that we will not be asking anyone about their private medical information or vaccination status in order to attend any event we hold.

To reassure any anxious and/or nervous retreat attendees, we simply ask that all attending get a COVID test to confirm they are COVID-free before attending a retreat. This is generally easy and quick to do at a local pharmacy or testing centre.  That way we are all confirmed as COVID-free, and all retreatees can relax and drop in fully to the retreat experience without worry or concern.

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