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What are the Jason Shon Bennett Health Philosophies?

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  • Attitude: intervening in your own life and altering shopping baskets, cupboards and fridges. We simply change our attitude, diet, lifestyle and environments based on the lessons learned and proven by the healthiest and longest lived people and cultures.
  • You are NOT your genetics, your hereditary health, nor your family history (true genetic diseases contribute to around 3% of modern illness), so you are in charge. This means you taking control of your genetic expression, via your diet, lifestyle and environment, in a natural and balanced way, to optimise your health and longevity. Diet, lifestyle and environment contribute around 97% of your health, energy, longevity and disease-risk, so as you start to take control over these areas, your health dramatically and quickly improves.
  • Common sense rather than trendiness. The one thing that has always been a part of my Healthy Longevity Philosophy, is that ‘getting well will take time’. I am not, nor have I ever been, a quick fix. I am not trendy, I am common sense (which is often not very sexy). I am all about how we can all live longer, healthier and happier lives. For some people this may mean having a breakthrough or paradigm shift just to get started.
  • ​A very funny and light hearted approach to health. People can get very emotional, defensive and upset when talking about food! Being healthy can be fun, easy, delicious, enjoyable, energising and inspirational. You may find following my advice means you let go of any stress, dogma and rigid rules about health. Laughter is a tenant of the centenarian cultures.
  • My 30 years of research into the Centenarian Longevity Champions and what they can teach us about a long healthy life free of drugs and disease.
  • Recipes, Recipes, Recipes! You must love what you eat and Tracey provides these regularly, gained through raising and feeding four healthy children and a grandchild – super delicious meals the whole family will love!
  • A DELICIOUS plant-based wholefood diet (basically what the healthiest and longest-lived cultures eat; a super, healthy, seasonal, balanced mixture of raw, soaked, sprouted, fermented and cooked wholefoods).
  • ‘My 20 G.O.L.D.E.N. Rules®’ guidelines creating G.O.L.D.E.N. life-changing habits. What does G.O.L.D.E.N. stand for? Genetics Optimised by Lifestyle, Diet and Environment, Naturally! The power is in your hands.  
  • Practicing Regular Intelligent Fasting® ((My unique 30 years’ experience with the miracle of fasting; who should do it, the science behind it, how it works, what to do, what not to do, how to do it and what to watch out for when fasting).
  • The 4 P’s®. These are the ‘aha’ light bulb moments, processes and paradigm changes that occur before good habits are built. They are: Prepare, Practise, Persevere & Progress. 
  • Making choices based around ‘Finding your H.A.P.P.Y. Paradigm®’ (loving your life and internal happiness is critical for your mind, body and soul). 
  • Measurement. Recording what you are doing to measure your progress (at whatever level suits you and your goals). You create the aspects you would like to measure. You can’t change what you can’t measure.
  • Small steps and changes or big radical changes are up to the individual to choose. From what I have seen, exceptional health is achievable for almost everyone. Prevention is the cure; the cure is prevention. 
  • And finally, and most importantly: Longevity; as in ‘I am a self-cured for 30 years grandfather, a father of four and has been doing this health stuff for a long time’; as in ‘real long-term research, study, proof, data and recommendations in a time-poor, bite-sized-chunk world’; as in ‘not the short term fix, wonder pill, quick fix, pill, drug, supplement, diet’; as in ‘it takes time to get sick and it takes time to get well’!!!
  • The hundreds of stunning testimonials of genuine health transformation, at any age. I believe that my real results in the real world with real people (just like you), speak for themselves. 

    What would my Doctor say about taking your advice?

    Doctors generally love my ‘common sense scientifically-proven’ approach. I have doctors from all over the world recommend my books and work because I have a way of putting complex and overwhelming information into a way that inspires people to genuinely make change and take action in their lives. I do this via a mix of my own life’s experience, my own healing of “incurable” diseases, my 30 years study (over 20,000 hours), my research into the centenarian cultures and my humour and confrontational ‘no BS’ style of communication. I have worked with US doctors, UK doctors, Scottish doctors, Australian doctors and NZ doctors, who all applaud the message I am teaching.

    My advice is completely compatible with your doctor’s advice of:

      • No Smoking
      • Good nutrition
      • Losing unhealthy weight
      • Staying in a fit, healthy shape
      • Significantly improving your blood pressure and cholesterol levels
      • Getting 8 hours’ sleep each night
      • Moving your body more each day
      • Lowering your intake of alcohol (or in some cases removing alcohol completely)
      • Decreasing your stress levels
      • Dramatically improving your digestion and bowel health
      • Strengthening your internal organs
      • Eating a heart-friendly and balanced anti-cancer diet

    What modality do you follow Jason?

    None. Observation, not lead by modality, emotion or money, is the foundation of every science. Science is meant to be a reporting or uncovering of the truth for the wellbeing of humanity. You do not have to be a scientist to observe and draw conclusions. When studying something you must do a few things well. Observe, gather evidence, form a hypothesis, research your findings, look at history, follow a variety of human experience, double-check, and use your common sense and intelligence. Then report back. This is what I have done. I have observed people. I have known people to live long healthy lives into their 100s without disease or the need for drugs. I have read about thousands of people who lived long, healthy lives without disease or drugs. I observed and studied their habits, their commonalities, what they did, and what they did not. I have looked at large population groups (epidemiological studies), centenarians, traditional cultures, food habits, the Mediterranean diet, the Asian diet, the caveman diet and much more.

    Are you a replacement for my doctor?

    NO. I am not your practitioner. I actively encourage you to continue to work alongside your own trusted health professional’s advice and not just swap in my advice as a replacement. If your doctor asks you about me then please direct them to this website or they can email me with any questions about my diet and lifestyle advice. The complimentary approach I have alongside your chosen practitioner’s advice is that I am teaching you how to avoid getting sick and your practitioner is treating you once you are sick. Both strategies are important and mutually beneficial when working together towards the best outcome for your health. Click here for more information on my credibility or my research.

    “I am a GP and I attended your Jason Shon Bennett seminar in Gisborne. I am moving back to USA early next month. Thank you, this is quite amazing what you do and in helping many people. The more people that can benefit of your lifestyle the better off the world will be. I look forward to your emails/blogs/articles/support”
    Dr. Sirpa, 2012.

    “Your book is inspiring and empowering; I wish all my patients could read it”
    Dr Mimi Irwin, GP, NZ, 2013.

    “I will be recommending this book to all my patients”
    Dr Eva Tombs, MB, Scotland, 2014.

    The experts behind the world-leading BROAD study

    Dr Luke Wilson, one of the key authors on the internationally-recognised BROAD study (the most successful randomised, non-exercise and non-calorie restricted weight loss study ever done), recommends my work, education and books; “Jason’s work is informative, inspirational and he has the courage to tell it as it is. Following his advice will change your life”I have presented to large groups of highly educated, university trained pharmacists and chemists (some who were so enthusiastic about what I talked through that they swamped me for hours asking for help with their diets…). I also present to, and train, chiropractors, nutritionists, dietitians and nurses, in how to eat well and get their health back. These many and varied professionals are far more ‘learned and trained’ than I but they come to me and ask me to support them and mentor them as they have lost touch with what it actually is to eat well.

    As food is so emotional these days (sigh)…

    I would like to state my basic food philosophy right up front. This way you can choose to look through the site or not depending on what you are looking for and what you are interested in. I recommend a healthy, balanced, local, seasonal, plant-based wholefood diet – with Regular Intelligent Fasting®. This sounds like a mouthful (ha!) but in actual fact it is the simplest way to eat and the way we have eaten since time began. A diet rich in locally-grown vegetables (particularly green vegetables); fresh raw seasonal fruits; soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds; and a delicious variety of cooked and fermented wholegrains, vegetable seeds (quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and millet), and legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans, dahls and the magical soybeans). I recommend regular days completely without food (as is appropriate). I recommend smart lifestyle and environmental changes. I have been primarily eating and living this way for most of the last 30 years (apart from when I got lazy — and I suffered for it).

    My philosophy is historical, inclusive and ever evolving

    My advice is for everyone and anyone who is interested in exceptional health. There is no specific religious or spiritual base to my advice. You can participate if you eat meat, eat dairy products, are a vegetarian or a raw vegan, are an athlete, are of any race or creed, are overweight, are unwell, are a herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, have food allergies, or if you just want to learn more about food. Different foods work for different people so it is about significantly increasing your local vegetation intake and working with basic principles until you get the mix that is perfect for you.

    People are different

    Some people need more protein, some need more fat and some cannot eat tomatoes (for example). This is part of the human race and the genetic challenge we all have in finding the perfect diet/lifestyle for ourselves and our children. My advice is designed to welcome you from wherever you are now and expose you to a more plant-based, wholefood lifestyle, and all the benefits that come with it. If you want to eat a high amount of animal protein, meat, chicken and dairy products, with low levels of wholegrains and legumes (such as the typical ‘Paleo/Atkins/Keto/Low Carb Diet’), then you may struggle with my advice. A ‘high-meat-low-wholegrains’ type diet is not particularly compatible or easy with my plant-based wholefoods philosophy so if the ‘high animal protein/high fat diet’ is your interest then I welcome working with you and it could be I encourage you to find someone credible who is teaching this.

    Should you eat animal foods?

    This is completely your own choice. I do not recommend it. However everyone is unique and everyone must choose exactly what they want to eat! If you are passionate and determined about eating animal foods and you want to remain healthy, your smart choice would be only adding a couple of meals a week with freshly caught oily fish and/or genuine, free-range eggs laid by ‘chickens living a healthy mobile life, under natural sunlight, eating grasses and bugs.’ Phew. Remember; the longest-lived cultures of the world, with the lowest rates of disease (Okinawa in Japan, Loma Linda in the USA, Abkhasia in Russia, Longevity Village Bapan in China, Costa Rica in North America, Sardinia in Italy, the Hunza in Pakistan, Ikaria in Greece, Nagano in Japan and Vilcabamba in South America), generally eat meat less than once a week (if at all). They are NOT radicals, raw vegans, low carb, high meat, high fat, Paleo, Keto, carnivore cave-people; they simply mostly eat a local, seasonal, plant-based wholefood diet. This is what I recommend also. Some of them eat small amounts of animal foods such as fish, eggs and/or goat’s milk, or meat for a special occasion, and some do not. We are very lucky. We don’t have a scarcity of food, we are in the incredible privileged position of being able to choose what we eat. Never take this for granted.

    It’s your call so make it! 

    Remember, food is one of the great freedoms and most emotional subjects there is; it’s your call to eat what you choose. If you feel strongly you must do something different than what I recommend, then listen to what you feel in your gut is right for you, and do that. Keep up your passion and researching, and feel free to eat whatever you like!

    Good things take time

    The human body can only change so much in a day. Changing your behaviour is something that requires mental energy, willpower, attitude, and open mind, a ‘learning’ headspace and a willingness to change things even if it is uncomfortable or challenging. My recommendation is to introduce simple things each week that make a massive difference to your health. Focus very heavily initially on preparation because it takes time and work to change our diet, lifestyle and environment. It is not instant. I am interested in you living a long healthy life free of drugs and disease. Consider and understand the ‘why’, and implement small changes to your diet, your goals, your environment and your lifestyle; beginning with preparation.

    Gaining exceptional health in our obesogenic world today takes intervention. Intervention takes real attitude, time and preparation, so I look at the shared human commonalities in getting well (diet, lifestyle and environment choices). This shows up the healthy and the not-so-healthy behaviours around this. Then focus on your goals and where you want to get to with your health. The bottom line I have found, is that everyone wants to avoid what I call D-D-DEAD: Drugs, Disability, Disease & Early Avoidable Death = D-D-DEAD.

    To avoid D-D-DEAD, we often must navigate what I call ACID: Addiction, Cynicism, Intervention & Despair.

    I also must admit to an addiction to creating acronyms…you might have noticed hahaha.

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