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My 20 Golden Rules (2015)




Your guide to Exceptional Health

If you could do a few simple things each day that would make a massive difference to how you age, how long you live, how healthy you are, how much energy you have and how you look…would you? My 20 Golden Rules is a guide for people who are willing to change and want to get healthy, but don’t know how. Today we live in a world where we never stop eating and we consume the worst kinds of food, resulting in extreme numbers of sick people suffering health issues ranging from obesity to cancer. In his second book you will find Jason’s personal 20 Golden Rules for healthy, disease-free longevity and exceptional health. You will want to pore over this stunning book for days and then keep it on your bookshelf for life, as it acts as the perfect reference guide for long-lasting exceptional health. Filled with thousands of references to the latest scientific information, Jason shows you how to easily implement his 20 Golden Rules into your own lifestyle, at your own pace. Jason calls this book his “bible on health”.

  • *In Whitcoulls Top 100 2015/2016 ‘My 20 Golden Rules’ was the #1 ranked book written by a NZ author
  • *In Whitcoulls Top 100 2015/2016 ‘My 20 Golden Rules’ was the highest ranked international Health & Wellbeing book

“This is a really useful book; I wish all my patients could read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it hard to put down. I love your summaries and your golden rules. Your book is inspiring and empowering”
Dr Mimi Irwin, GP, NZ.

“A really good read, great research, inspiring, hard to put down … a bestseller in the making!”
Philip Dowling, ex-Head of Naturopathy, Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, Auckland, New Zealand.


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