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Feel Great & Live Longer (2018)




A New Zealand handbook for exceptional health

In Feel Great & Live Longer, New Zealand best-selling author and health researcher Jason Shon Bennett’s third book, Jason has condensed the best of his advice and philosophy into one easy-to-follow handbook. Jason believes our health is in our own hands and that many of the illnesses and diseases we are dying from are preventable through a life of healthy eating and positive lifestyle choices. Feel Great & Live Longer is an easy-to-read guide book about getting rid of toxins and eating balanced, wholesome foods to give you abundant energy, to lose weight, feel great, and increase your odds of living a long healthy life. This is a perfect book for those who are tired, run down, wanting to come off medications, and who want to look younger and feel alive again.

“I will be recommending this book to all my patients”
Dr Eva Tombs, MB, Scotland.

“Before reading this book there should be a warning saying, ‘Beware contains information that can leave you with EXPLOSIVE energy! I am feeling far more healthy, energetic, fit and happy at 47 than I did at 21, and I don’t need my asthma medication. I don’t crave junk food. Once you have been exposed to what Jason has discovered, you will be empowered to be aware of how what you eat affects how you feel, and make adjustments and choices to enable you to get the most out of your life”


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